SHOT/CHASER: Ohio’s Lagging Job Growth Numbers Are NOT “Fake News”

SHOT: Gov. John Kasich disputes HIS OWN ADMINISTRATION’S NUMBERS showing anemic job growth during his tenure.

CHASER: The Kasich administration issues new numbers, and “Though better, the numbers still are the weakest in Ohio since 2009, when the state was hemorrhaging jobs because of the recession.”

“Ohio Republicans have spent seven years catering to the wealthy at the expense of Ohio’s middle-class families,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Thanks to their tax giveaways to those at the top and cuts to local government resources, Ohio’s job growth is anemic and our economy keeps falling further behind the rest of the nation. Ohio families can’t afford four more years of Columbus Republicans led by Mike DeWine.”


Columbus Dispatch (Mark Williams): State corrects job-creation totals after cry of ‘fake news’ by Gov Kasich