Seven Years In, AG Mike DeWine Still Lost On Opioid Epidemic

Appears to Endorse Use of Rainy Day Fund, Then Walks Back, in a Matter of Hours

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party released the following statement today from Chairman David Pepper regarding Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine immediately walking back comments interpreted as endorsing the use of the Rainy Day Fund — as state Democrats have suggested, but Gov. John Kasich has rejected — to boost resources for fighting the opioid epidemic.

“Mike DeWine had every opportunity to combat the heroin crisis, which has now turned into a full-blown opioid epidemic,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Instead of using the office of Attorney General to proactively prevent opioid deaths, DeWine has hosted endless ‘emergency’ meetings with no results to show for them, all while the state has taken resources from local governments that could have combated the crisis. DeWine’s all-talk, no-action tenure has led to Ohio becoming the nation’s leader in opioid deaths. Today’s about face shows that, even after almost two terms as Attorney General, DeWine still has no idea how to take on this crisis.”