Senior Trump Campaign Official Lobbied Lawmakers On Legislation At Center Of Householder Scandal

COLUMBUS — The Trump campaign is clearly nervous about their connection to indicted former Speaker Larry Householder, who was removed as a Republican National Convention delegate by Bob Paduchik, the chair of Ohio’s delegation and senior advisor to the Trump re-election campaign — but Paduchik is ducking questions about his own involvement in the Householder scandal.

“The stench of the Larry Householder scandal is getting so bad that even Donald Trump and his campaign team are running for cover, but one of Trump’s top advisors, Bob Paduchik, lobbied for passage of the legislation that is at the center of the Householder investigation,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Paduchik refused to answer whether he was paid by FirstEnergy or one of the other companies involved with the bailout, but he was calling legislators to urge them to vote for it because ‘if [the nuclear plants] shut down we can’t get Trump re-elected.’ Bob is implicated in the Householder scandal as much as anyone in Republican politics in the state, and he lobbied lawmakers expressly to benefit Trump. Ohioans need to know exactly how the Trump campaign was involved in Householder’s dirty dealings.”