Self-Dealing At The Statehouse?

State Rep. Candice Keller Sponsors Bill That Would Benefit Her Personal Charity

COLUMBUS — There’s no state budget yet — but Ohio House Republicans are busy pushing legislation to subsidize fake health centers that routinely lie to women. And in one member’s case, the legislation also lines her own pocket.

“As Republican lawmakers bicker about the overdue state budget, they still find the time to help out one of their own by introducing a bill to cover half of every donation to an anti-abortion charity like the one run by state Rep. Candice Keller,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “That’s just one of the ways Ohio Republicans are trying to give a helping hand to these fake women’s health clinics. They also voted to boost direct state funding for them by 400 percent.

“Ohio taxpayers shouldn’t be funding pet projects for members of the General Assembly, and lawmakers shouldn’t be writing and voting on bills to benefit those pet projects. The Republican majority consistently prioritizes extremist legislation at the behest of special interests and lobbyists, and this is only the latest example.”

Keller is the executive director of Community Pregnancy Center, from which she received $58,921 in reportable compensation in 2017. That amounted to about one-third of the organization’s total expenses that year.

Keller is a co-sponsor of House Bill 297, legislation to use refundable state tax credits to subsidize organizations like the Community Pregnancy Center.