Scandal-Plagued Ohio House GOP Set to Anoint Next Leader

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Democratic Party released the following statement from Chairman David Pepper on today’s vote by the Ohio House Republicans on an interim speaker:

“We don’t know who will end up in charge. Both camps are badly tainted by scandal, and we still have no idea who else was involved in the Rosenberger shenanigans, let alone Chartergate. Whatever happens, it’s fair to say that The Who got it right when they said, ‘Meet the new boss — same as the old boss.’

“What’s really needed are far more answers and accountability for the multiple scandals unfolding in the Ohio Statehouse.”

Ohio House Democrats have called for an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding former Speaker Cliff Rosenberger’s resignation. State Rep. David Leland has questioned the need to vote on a new speaker until an investigation is complete.