Rob Portman Refuses to Recuse, Continues to Aid in Donald Trump’s Cover-Up

Portman to Cast Vote Against Hearing From Witnesses (Including Himself)

COLUMBUSDespite being an active participant in the events leading up to Donald Trump’s impeachment, Sen. Rob Portman is today casting a vote to prevent further witness testimony — which might, of course, reveal the depth of Portman’s own involvement in Trump’s schemes.

“In a Senate seat once held by the likes of John Glenn and George Voinovich, Rob Portman today seals a sharply different legacy — that of sheer cowardice, when the moment called for a commitment to the rule of law,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Unlike any other U.S. Senator, Portman played a direct and active role in helping disseminate a bogus cover story to conceal the president’s illegal actions. Portman’s conflict of interest here is plain as day, but instead of recusing as he should have, he is casting a decisive vote to continue the cover-up, benefiting both the president and himself. Such an unethical stance will live with Portman for the rest of his time in office.”