Rob Portman Has Ignored Donald Trump’s Attempts To Overturn The Election Results And Calls To Violence By Trump’s Supporters

COLUMBUS — For nearly six weeks after Election Day and long after it was apparent that Joe Biden had won, Sen. Rob Portman refused to recognize Biden as president-elect, chose to ignore Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the will of the voters and calls to violence by Trump’s supporters and helped to push a false narrative of widespread “voter fraud.”

In the interim, while Portman was humoring Trump:

“Rob Portman’s acknowledgment of Joe Biden’s clear and commanding victory is too little, too late,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “For nearly six weeks, Donald Trump and his supporters have undermined our democratic process, begged Republican officials to overturn the results and provoked violence. Rob Portman has been a loyal spin doctor, whitewashing Trump’s attempts to throw out the votes of millions of Americans and parroting his false and unfounded claims of fraud. Ohio voters won’t forget how Rob aided and abetted his political party’s attacks on our democracy.”