Republican Majority On Ohio Supreme Court Sides With Negligent Church That Employed Rapist

“Tort Reform” Legislation Backed By Husted, Taylor, Faber And Stivers Denies Full Justice For Rape Victim

COLUMBUSThe Republican majority on the Ohio Supreme Court this week ruled against a woman who was raped as a teen in Delaware County, slashing the compensation a jury awarded to her because of “tort reform” legislation — a 2004 law that was sponsored by Congressman Steve Stivers and supported by Secretary of State Jon Husted, Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, Senate President Keith Faber, Congressman Bob Gibbs and Congressman Bob Latta.

“When we talk about so-called ‘tort reform,’ it’s important to understand how it is harming victims in Ohio,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “With this week’s decision, the Republican-led Supreme Court is denying the full measure of justice to a young woman who was viciously attacked by her pastor. A jury of ordinary Ohioans deliberated and determined she was entitled to appropriate compensation because of the abject negligence of her church continuing to employ a man with past allegations of sexual misconduct. Now the Ohio Supreme Court steps in and overrules that jury to take sides with the church that enabled her rapist.

“All of this was made possible because of callous legislation that Jon Husted, Mary Taylor and Keith Faber endorsed. The Ohio Republican bench that is lining up to run statewide in 2018 is unquestionably tainted by their decision to do the bidding of big insurance companies and deny justice to victims of sexual assault.”

The majority opinion is available online here:

The House roll call vote for Senate Bill 80 of the 125th General Assembly is available here: