Republican Dark-Money Group That Supports Gerrymandering Attacks Judge Jennifer Brunner With Nasty, Misleading Ad

Justice Judi French and Justice Sharon Kennedy’s “Clean Campaign Pledge” Lasts Less Than a Month

COLUMBUS — In a sign that corporate special interests aren’t ready to relinquish their control of Ohio’s redistricting process, a Republican dark-money group funded by Big Pharma, the oil and gas industry and tobacco companies — an avowed “national organization exclusively dedicated to electing Republicans to state legislatures” — is airing a nasty, misleading ad attacking Judge Jennifer Brunner, despite her opponent and another justice seeking re-election taking a “clean campaign pledge.”

The Columbus Dispatch recently ruled that a similar attack against former Judge Gary Tyack, who served with Brunner and concurred with her decision in the referenced case, was “misleading.” Tyack is challenging Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien.

“Justices Judi French and Sharon Kennedy’s so-called ‘clean campaign pledge’ didn’t even last a month, as they stay silent while their dark-money allies are attacking Judge Jennifer Brunner with a smear campaign,” said Ohio Democratic Party Communications Director Kirstin Alvanitakis. “As a fair and impartial judge, Brunner followed the law in a difficult case, as she was required to do. When the case went to the Ohio Supreme Court, Kennedy and French voted to reverse it, loosening protections for the public. Now it is easier for law enforcement to search people’s homes even when the police do not follow the rules.

“By changing the law, Justice French has done just the opposite of what she herself said she wanted in the court — ‘one that was consistent and stable and predictable and followed its own precedent.’

“Justices Judi French and Sharon Kennedy have both ruled against victims of horrific child abuse and sexual assault and denied them the full measure of justice, and this ad is nothing more than a shameful and unfair distraction from their records on the bench. These sitting justices immediately should disavow this smear ad and demand it be taken down.”