Rep. Mike Turner Should Trust Fuyao Workers

COLUMBUS — U.S. Rep. Mike Turner is taking sides with a Chinese-owned company against Ohio workers who have sought an election to organize at the Fuyao plant in Montgomery County.

“For all his claims about growing up in a ‘union household,’ Mike Turner doesn’t seem to have learned any lessons from that experience,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “A recent study by the Center for American Progress found that children born into union families have better outcomes. That’s because when workers are able to organize and bargain together, it’s good for families, and it ensures workers’ voices are heard and valued. By publicly opposing organizing efforts at the Fuyao plant, Congressman Turner is trying to silence workers, and even worse, he’s spreading innuendo and rumors to influence the vote. The voters of Ohio’s 10th Congressional District deserve a representative who will fight for them, not big corporations.”

Last week Turner released a public letter to the president of Fuyao Glass America making accusations about the plant’s history with the United Auto Workers — claims that the UAW has debunked.

Ohio House Democratic Leader Fred Strahorn has also weighed in, writing to Fuyao’s president to ask them to “live up to the companies’ public statements to allow workers to vote freely and fairly on the vote to unionize.” Strahorn noted incidents at the plant of managers strong-arming workers into wearing “vote no” stickers and withholding previously scheduled raises.