Renacci And Tiberi Vote To Protect Trump

GOP Representatives on Ways and Means Committee Vote Down Proposal to Examine Trump’s Tax Returns

COLUMBUS — The House Ways and Means Committee yesterday voted 23-15 — with all of the committee’s Republicans, including Rep. Jim Renacci and Rep. Pat Tiberi, voting no — to stop a Democratic amendment that would have allowed the committee to examine President Donald Trump’s tax returns and investigate his financial connections with foreign countries.

“As Americans learn more and more about Trump administration and campaign officials communicating with Russian intelligence officials, each and every one of our elected officials must put aside partisan political considerations and push for an independent, bipartisan, transparent investigation into Russia’s attack on our democracy and the president’s personal and financial ties to Russia,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Jim Renacci and Pat Tiberi had the opportunity to put country over party with yesterday’s vote to refuse to review Trump’s tax returns, and they failed. Now is the time for real leadership because the American people deserve the truth about what happened in their election.”