Portman Voted To Abolish Ohio Christian University Grant He Claims Credit For

The Real Difference Portman Makes

COLUMBUS – U.S. Sen. Rob Portman wraps up his ‘Making a Difference Tour’ today with stops in Chillicothe and Circleville highlighting more Ohio priorities he’s voted to cut and Ohio jobs he’s helped ship overseas.

  • Portman is claiming credit for an economic development grant at Ohio Christian University. However, Portman has voted three times to abolish the U.S. Commerce Department agency that provided the grant.

  • In Chillicothe, Portman will take credit for a case before the International Trade Commission, but Ross County has lost an estimated 1,052 jobs to free trade he supports.

“From voting to eliminate the very grant he’s taking credit for, to helping send more than 1,000 Ross County jobs overseas, Senator Portman’s actions speak louder than his words, and they tell a much different story than the one he’s selling,” said Ohio Democratic Party spokeswoman Jennifer Donohue. “Senator Portman’s Washington doublespeak may work with his special interest campaign donors, but it won’t get him far in Ohio.”

The Real Difference Portman Makes

Portman voted three times to abolish the Ohio Christian University grant he’s claiming credit for.

  • Ohio Christian University’s Grant Was Through The Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration. “$2,454,800 in Public Works funds to the Ohio Christian University, Circleville, Ohio, to construct the Southern Gateway Economic Innovation Development Center, a mixed-use incubator that will focus on agribusiness and technology-based entrepreneurs.” [U.S. Economic Development Administration, Accessed 8/24/15; Ohio Christian University Press Release, Accessed 8/24/15]

  • 2011: Portman Voted To Kill Bill Reauthorizing The Economic Development Administration. In June 2011, Portman voted against: “Motion to invoke cloture (thus limiting debate) on the bill that would reauthorize the Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration at $500 million for each of fiscal 2011 through 2015.” The motion failed, 49-51. [CQ, 6/21/11; S. 782, Vote 94, 6/21/11]

  • 1994: Portman Voted Against Reauthorization Of The Economic Development Administration. In May 1994, Portman voted against: “Passage of the bill to reauthorize the Economic Development Administration at $1.1 billion and Appalachian Regional Commission at $623 million over the three years of fiscal 1994-96 to help promote development in economically distressed communities.” The bill passed, 328-89. [CQ, 5/12/94; H.R. 2442, Vote 168, 5/12/94]

  • 1994: Portman Voted For Amendment Abolishing The Economic Development Administration. In May 1994, Portman voted for: “Hefley, R-Colo., amendment to terminate the Economic Development Administration by striking the authorization in the bill for it.” The amendment failed, 97-319. [CQ, 5/12/94; H.R. 2442, Vote 164, 5/12/94]

Ross County has lost an estimated 1,000 jobs to Portman-style free trade.

  • Ross County has lost an estimated 1,052 jobs to outsourcing and imports supported by Portman’s free trade agreements, according to Trade Adjustment Assistance numbers. [Public Citizen, TAA Database, Accessed 8/24/15]