SHOT/CHASER: Portman’s College Debt Story Doesn’t Add Up

SHOT: Sen. Rob Portman Claims He Addressed College Debt in Ohio. Over the weekend, Rob Portman delivered a commencement address to new graduates from Youngstown State University and said he’s “trying” to help students with their college loans. “There are some student loan programs that can help,” he said. [WKBN, 12/13/15]

CHASER: Portman Voted For Largest Pell Grant Cut In Program’s History. In 2011, Portman voted for the FY 2012 Ryan Budget. According to Mark Kantrowitz’s analysis of the budget, “The proposed cut in the maximum Pell Grant will be the largest cut in student aid funding in the history of the Pell Grant program. This proposal will cause more than a million students to lose eligibility for the Pell Grant.” [Vote 77, 5/25/11; Huffington Post, Mark Kantrowitz Op-Ed, 5/25/11]