Portman Touts Auto Industry at Today’s Photo Op, But Called Auto Rescue “Not a Good Deal for Ohio”

AVON LAKE, OHIO – Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman is in Lorain County today touting Ford’s plans to save 1,000 jobs at their Avon Lake plant — but Portman was less rosy about the auto industry back in 2011, when he called the auto rescue “not a good deal for Ohio.”

“It’s absurd for Rob Portman to show his face in Avon Lake today,” said Ohio Democratic Party Executive Director Greg Beswick. “Portman has no problem showing up for a photo op now when the auto industry is stronger than ever, but when the industry was on its knees back in 2009, he said the auto rescue was a ‘lousy deal.’ As recently as 2011, he was still saying it wasn’t a ‘good deal for Ohio.’ The workers at the Avon Lake Ford plant and all Ohio workers deserve better than some fair-weather friend like Rob Portman.”

Studies show the auto rescue saved 160,000 jobs in Ohio.