VIDEO: Portman Says ISIS “Helps the Republican Party”

COLUMBUS — During an appearance last night on Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect,” Sen. Rob Portman once again demonstrated how terribly out of touch his Washington politics are with Ohio’s values — stating that the rise of ISIS helps his Republican Party politically.

Portman’s comments come roughly one week after the ISIS-inspired shootings in San Bernardino.

Portman: “Probably the top issue I’m getting, I had a tele-town hall meeting yesterday with seniors about, you know, issues like Social Security and Medicare, but what came up, you know? ISIS. I think that probably based on the polling I’ve seen, what I hear, it probably helps the Republican Party.” [Bloomberg, 12/10/15]

From Kirstin Alvanitakis, communications director of the Ohio Democratic Party: “In just one sentence Rob Portman demonstrates exactly why Ohioans are fed up with D.C. politicians. Families in California are still mourning, and Ohio families and communities are worried about their safety, but Portman has the nerve to talk about how terrorism is helping his political career. Portman should be working to defeat ISIS, not tracking how their despicable acts impact his polling numbers. Senator Portman should apologize immediately for his insensitive comment.”