One Year After Dayton’s Mass Shooting, Why Didn’t Leaders “Do Something”?

House Republicans Heeded Shady Dark-Money Group’s Appeals, Stymied Gun Violence Prevention Legislation

COLUMBUS — One year after the mass shooting in Dayton, it’s apparent the main obstacle to reform was the Republican-led legislature and indicted former Speaker Larry Householder, who followed the lead of a dark-money group that threatened to leave “political bodies lying all over the ground” if legislation were enacted.

“It’s been one year since the devastating mass shooting in Dayton, and still nothing has been done by the GOP-led legislature to make our communities safer from the threat of gun violence,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “It’s clear now why. Larry Householder and his cronies were taking the lead from an extremist organization — a supposed nonprofit group with shady finances — and blocking any gun violence prevention legislation from moving through his chamber. The vast majority of Ohioans support stronger gun laws, and in the aftermath of the Dayton shooting, hundreds of Ohioans contacted the speaker with their concerns. Still, Householder decided to oppose bipartisan legislation backed by the Republican governor, and he wouldn’t even allow a hearing on a red flag bill.

“The inaction on gun violence prevention legislation is one more example of how the corrupt inner workings of the Republican Statehouse lead to policies that hurt everyday Ohioans.”

In a text exchange with a gun lobbyist, Householder revealed his true intentions — protecting a member of “Team Householder” and offering legislation that would distract from the bipartisan package supported by Gov. Mike DeWine. From those texts:

[Buckeye Firearms Association] just ambushed two very good legislators who only introduced a bill to keep DeWine-Husted at bay.

Also – if this costs DJ Swearingen his election BFA probably destroyed themselves.

Swearingen was hand-picked by Householder to be appointed by House Republicans, and he received a contribution from one of Householder’s alleged co-conspirators.