On International Women’s Day, Ohio Democratic Party Calls on DeWine to Return RNC Money

COLUMBUS — On International Women’s Day, the National Journal is reporting the Republican National Committee — which backed Roy Moore for Senate and refuses to return contributions from Steve Wynn — is now authorized to spend money to prop up Mike DeWine’s campaign for Ohio governor.

Yay for women?

“The history of Mike DeWine’s record on women’s health care includes attacking Planned Parenthood in the courts and filing suits across the country attempting to cut off access to birth control,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Now he’s all set to allow the national Republican Party — which stood by Roy Moore and refuses to give back political donations from a billionaire who has been accused of sexual misconduct by his workers — to funnel RNC dollars to his primary campaign, which has been a nasty, divisive race to the right against Mary Taylor. Ohio women can’t trust Mike DeWine to stand up for them and their families if he’s working with the RNC and taking their dirty money. We’re calling on DeWine to return the RNC’s tainted money and demand that it cease all spending on his behalf.”

From National Journal:

“Trump hasn’t weighed in for Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s front-running governor campaign. Term-limited Gov. John Kasich, who is considering running against Trump again in 2020, backed Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor to replace him. But Taylor has distanced herself from the outgoing chief executive’s tenure and in an interview at CPAC said her team “stays in contact with the political staff at the White House.”

However, all three Republican National Committee members from the state sent letters Friday to the RNC waiving the national party’s rule against supporting Republican candidates in contested primaries, approving “any and all pre-primary financial assistance and in-kind aid the RNC may choose to provide” for DeWine and Rep. Jim Renacci, who is running for the Senate.

Ohio Republican Party Chair Jane Timken, whom Trump supported last year, said that among party leadership “there was an overwhelming support for” DeWine and his running mate, Secretary of State Jon Husted. “Quite frankly, they worked very hard for that endorsement.”