Ohio’s Unemployment Rate Worse Than National Average

Ohio’s Economy Was Struggling Pre-Coronavirus; Manufacturing Jobs Down 80K+ From One Year Ago

COLUMBUSThe newly released state jobs report for last month shows that Ohio’s unemployment rate of 13.7 percent is more than triple the rate from May 2019 and higher than the national average, as tens of thousands of Ohioans are still waiting to receive their unemployment insurance benefits after weeks, and sometimes months, of waiting.

“Ohio was hit hard by the Great Recession, but the Trump Recession has been even worse because our economy was already struggling before the coronavirus crisis hit,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Donald Trump’s chaotic response to the crisis has decimated our economy, and now his lame attempts to pretend like it’s over are threatening any potential for recovery. Even in Ohio, where we’ve managed the outbreak better than in some other states, we’re seeing a dangerous resurgence of cases in the southwestern region of the state. If we don’t get the reopening of our country right, we’re going to lose lives needlessly, and we’re going to ruin our economy even further.”