Ohioans Protest Portman’s Supreme Court Obstruction

1.5 Million Signatures Delivered to Portman Demanding He Uphold His Constitutional Duty

COLUMBUS — Ohioans in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton condemned Sen. Rob Portman for his continued refusal to uphold his constitutional duty and even consider a new U.S. Supreme Court nominee. The protesters highlighted a petition with 1.5 million signatures, which was delivered to Sen. Portman demanding he do his job and follow the Constitution.

Portman has been slammed by editorial boards across the state for obstructing the constitutional process, and a new poll shows a majority of Ohioans are opposed to his position. Portman has doubled down on his obstruction by refusing to even meet with a potential Supreme Court nominee — a clear example of how Portman always prioritizes the interests of the Washington power brokers and wealthy special interests he serves at the expense of Ohio’s working people.

See for yourself:

  • WBNS-10TV Columbus reported, “protesters in central Ohio held a rally today, saying they want Senator Portman to call for fair hearings for any nominee. They say all of the drama around the elections should not get in the way of the government doing its job.”

  • WOIO Cleveland 19 News reported that a petition with 1.5 million signatures was delivered to Portman’s office, demanding that he “follow the Constitution.”

  • The Columbus Dispatch wrote, “Protestors say eight isn’t enough when it comes to Supreme Court justices… ‘What does it say about our Senator that he will not fulfill his own obligations, when he might not even be Senator for another term, and instead abdicate that (appointment) to a possible Donald Trump,’ said Sam Gresham, chair of Common Cause Ohio.”






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