Ohio Women Speak Out Against Portman’s Anti-Equal Pay Record, Marking Anniversary of Equal Pay Act

Ultimate Washington Insider Rob Portman Voted Five Times Against Equal Pay Legislation, Hurting Ohio’s Women and Working Families

COLUMBUS — On the 53rd anniversary of the Equal Pay Act today, Ohio women — including elected officials and community leaders — spoke out against Sen. Rob Portman’s record of prioritizing the Washington power brokers and wealthy special interests he serves at the expense of Ohio’s working women. The event was held at a woman-owned business in Columbus.

“For every dollar a man makes, women make 78 cents — yet Rob Portman voted five times against equal pay legislation,” said Rep. Kristin Boggs. “The choice in this election couldn’t be more clear — Ted Strickland will fight for equal pay and he will stand up for working families in the Senate. Meanwhile Rob Portman has demonstrated that he will only work to push the interests of his rich and powerful friends, and Ohio women are paying the price. This election, women will be making their voices heard loud and clear, and we won’t stop speaking out against insiders like Rob Portman who are hurting Ohio’s working families.”

“Make no mistake, politicians who prioritize their own special interests over working families must carry blame for the gender pay gap,” said ProgressOhio Executive Director Sandy Theis. “Today’s anniversary of the Equal Pay Act is a reminder that we must redouble our efforts to demand wage fairness. And the wage gap isn’t just a women’s issue, it is a common-sense economic issue that affects families and communities — because when women are paid the money they have rightly earned, our economy is strengthened.”


Portman has voted five times against the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would build on the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, and would help close the wage gap between men and women.  Currently, women in Ohio still only make 78 cents on the dollar on average compared to Ohio men, which is a larger pay gap than the national average.


Portman Voted Against The Paycheck Fairness Act Five Times. [S.Con.Res 11, Vote 152, 4/15/15; S.Amdt. 362 to S.Con.Res. 11, Vote 82, 3/24/15; S. 2199, Vote 262, 9/15/14; S. 2199, Vote 103, 4/9/14; S. 3220, Vote 115, 6/5/12]