Ohio Women Speak Out Against State Supreme Court Denying Rape Victims The Full Measure Of Justice

New Video Focuses On How Justices Judi French, Sharon Kennedy Have Ruled Against Victims of Sexual Assault, Child Abuse

COLUMBUSIn 2016, Ohio Supreme Court Justices Judi French and Sharon Kennedy ruled against a child sexual assault victim, denying her the full measure of justice, and now she is speaking out, joined by another survivor whose case hangs in the balance, as French and Kennedy face Ohio voters for re-election.

“Justices Judi French and Sharon Kennedy have both ruled against victims of horrific child abuse and sexual assault and denied them the full measure of justice,” said Ohio Democratic Party Communications Director Kirstin Alvanitakis. “Now these victims are raising their voices and calling for change on the Ohio Supreme Court. Ohio voters need to hear their stories because we need new justices who stand up for victims of rape and sexual assault.”

Today the Ohio Democratic Party released a video with Jessica Simpkins and Amanda Brandt, who discuss how the court has turned its back on victims.

Yesterday during a news conference, Simpkins spoke with reporters about her case, in which French wrote the opinion and Kennedy concurred, overruling a jury’s award and siding with her rapist’s enablers.

Simpkins said of French and Kennedy’s decision, “Since I can live a normal life and play basketball and do things a normal person could do, it must’ve not affected me — it’s disheartening to hear somebody say that, especially somebody who’s making decisions for the state of Ohio and justice.”

In a statement, Simpkins said, “I want a court that cares about justice for child rape victims like me.’’


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