Ohio Supreme Court’s Republican Majority Sides With GOP Legislature In Attacking Home Rule

Kennedy, Joined by French, DeWine and Fischer, Rule Against Cleveland’s “Fannie Lewis” Law

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Supreme Court’s Republican majority once again served as the GOP-led legislature’s “backstop” in upholding a 2016 law that attacked local communities’ home-rule authority and struck down the city of Cleveland’s “Fannie Lewis” law that is designed to protect jobs for local workers.

“Today’s ruling shows exactly why the two Ohio Supreme Court seats that will be on the ballot next year are so critical for our state’s future,” said Ohio Democratic Party Executive Director Greg Beswick. “Two lower courts overturned the Republican legislature’s attack on home rule, but Justices Sharon Kennedy, Judith French, Pat DeWine and Pat Fischer today sided with their party and made it harder for local communities to encourage job creation and employment for their residents. In 2020, Ohioans will have the opportunity to vote for change on our state’s highest court, for independent voices that won’t view the role as being a ‘backstop’ for the Ohio GOP’s extremist agenda at the Statehouse.”