Ohio Republicans Once Again Taking Tips From Betsy DeVos

DeVos’s Political Action Committee Violated Ohio Law, Illegally Laundered Campaign Cash, Never Paid $5M Fine

COLUMBUS — The last time that billionaire Betsy DeVos tried to influence Ohio education policy her political action committee was found to have violated Ohio election law and was fined $5 million — which the PAC never paid.

Ohio Republicans who are trying to expand private school vouchers are seeking Betsy’s counsel once again, according to a new report by Cleveland.com.

“The influence of billionaire Betsy DeVos — and her PAC’s big campaign checks — are a major reason why Ohio’s charter school system expanded so rapidly and with so little oversight,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Ohio taxpayers have been left on the hook for tens of millions of dollars from scam charter schools like the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, and now Betsy is advising Ohio Republicans once again about how to take public resources and give them away to private schools that are almost completely unaccountable to taxpayers. It’s a farce.”

In 2008, the Ohio Elections Commission found that DeVos used her All Children Matter PAC illegally to launder campaign contributions from Ohio charter school magnate David Brennan to Ohio Republicans including Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, Auditor Keith Faber and state Sen. Matt Dolan.