Ohio Lost 3,700 Manufacturing Jobs In July

Donald Trump Attacks Ohio Manufacturing Workers As His Reckless Approach To The Coronavirus Crisis Wreaks Economic Devastation

COLUMBUSOhio lost 3,700 manufacturing jobs in July and has lost 48,200 factory jobs since last July — and Donald Trump’s apparent response to the economic crisis caused by his failed coronavirus response has been to lash out on Twitter against a company that employs thousands of Ohio workers.

“Ohio lost nearly half a million jobs over the past 12 months, but it seems like all Donald Trump cares about is firing off mean tweets attacking Ohio workers,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “When General Motors closed its Lordstown plant, Trump said it ‘doesn’t really matter’ and then attacked the workers and their leaders. Now he’s attacking a company that has been based in Ohio for 125 years and employs thousands of Ohio workers. Once again, he basically said it didn’t matter because laid-off workers could ‘get another good’ job.

“When more than half a million Ohioans are out of work, getting another good job that can pay the bills and keep a roof over your family’s head is a real challenge. But Donald Trump doesn’t care — he only cares about his own fragile ego and his wealthy friends. We need someone in the White House who cares about working Ohioans; that’s why we need to elect Joe Biden this November.”