Ohio Gov. John Kasich Travels to New Hampshire… Again

Kasich’s Last Public Appearance as Governor Was in July, For-Profit Charter School Scandal Still Brewing

SOMEWHERE IN A STATE THAT IS NOT OHIO – Today marks the five-week anniversary since Ohio Gov. John Kasich last made a public appearance in the state he is still being paid to govern, but Kasich is campaigning away, making four stops in New Hampshire today.

To date, Kasich has refused to reveal if Ohio taxpayers are footing the bill for expenses related to his presidential campaign.

“Kasich’s record here in Ohio is one of a stalled economic recovery and a for-profit charter school disaster,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Ohio’s $1 billion charter school system is rife with waste, fraud and abuse, and there’s a huge scandal brewing around a Kasich administration official — who happens to be the husband of his presidential campaign manager — who was forced to step down amid allegations he broke state law by scrubbing data for certain charter schools — which happen to be owned by some of Kasich’s biggest donors. Every single major editorial board in the state has called for an independent investigation into the charter school data scrubbing. Given all of that, it’s not surprising that Kasich wants to hang out in New Hampshire, rather than attend to his duties here in Ohio.”

In response to a question today at a New Hampshire town hall about raising the minimum wage, Kasich said, “We’re doing fine in Ohio.”

“By any objective measure of our economy, Ohio isn’t doing ‘fine,’” said Pepper. “Ohio’s job growth has trailed the national average for 33 straight months. Ohio still has not returned to the number of jobs it had prior to the Great Recession. Three decades ago, Ohio’s median household income was actually higher than it is today. Only three states rank worse than Ohio for median income decline. His statements today show that Kasich is completely out of touch with what Ohio’s working families are experiencing. Maybe he should hold a town hall in Ohio for a change, rather than 700 miles away.”