Ohio GOP Took Big Money From Larry Householder, Now Taking Over Team Householder

COLUMBUS — During his tenure as House Speaker, Larry Householder and his alleged criminal enterprise worked hand in hand with the Ohio Republican Party, which received significant financial support from the indicted lawmaker and helped to circulate hacked info to benefit a Team Householder candidate — and now the state party is taking over the smoldering embers of Team Householder.

Ohio GOP candidates across the state are running for cover from their entanglements with Larry Householder, but they’re running straight into the arms of the Ohio Republican Party — the same organization that took big checks from Householder and did his bidding in trashing one of their own endorsed candidates with opposition research paid for by Householder’s slush fund,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “The idea that this is some big change to the shady way that Ohio Republicans do business is farcical. The Ohio GOP and House Republican Caucus have taken no steps to freeze the massive cash infusion both groups received from Larry Householder’s PAC. They have answered no questions about what entity was paying for the staff members running the House candidates’ campaigns. They have answered no questions about how a dirty oppo book funded by one of Householder’s dark-money groups made its way to Ohio Republican Party executive committee members. It’s time to clean house at the Statehouse — and that’s why Ohioans need to vote for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot this November.”