Ohio GOP: Let’s Keep Larry Householder In Office, But Impeach Mike DeWine

COLUMBUS — Late last month, Ohio House Republicans voted to keep state Rep. Larry Householder, who was indicted in connection with a $61 million bribery and racketeering scheme, as their colleague in the legislature.

This month they are pushing to impeach Gov. Mike DeWine.

Republican extremists at the Statehouse relentlessly attacked Dr. Amy Acton, until she finally stepped down,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Not content with extracting their pound of flesh from Dr. Acton, they’re now turning their fire on Mike DeWine. This comes after they rejected Democratic calls to remove their Republican colleague Larry Householder from the legislature after he was indicted for corruption and bribery. The Ohio GOP’s message to voters is clear — corruption and bribery are A-OK with us, but having the audacity to listen to public health experts during a global pandemic is an impeachable offense.”