Ohio GOP Kicks The State Budget Can Down The Road

COLUMBUS — As the Republican-led Ohio House voted tonight in a rare Sunday night session on temporary stopgap legislation just hours before the constitutionally required deadline to pass a state budget, Ohio Democrats called out the dysfunction and misplaced priorities of GOP leaders in Columbus.

“Ohio Republicans wasted months of time on one extremist bill after another — violating constitutional rights and common sense every step of the way — and now they have failed to complete the most essential part of their job: passing a balanced state budget on time,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Tonight’s vote demonstrates a level of dysfunction and dereliction of duty that would get most working Ohioans sent to the unemployment line. As GOP legislative leaders have traded barbs and made excuses, Gov. Mike DeWine hasn’t been able to get his own party in line and deliver an on-time budget. That’s an abysmal failure of leadership.

“Throughout the state budget process, Ohio Democrats have been fighting for the people of this state, while Ohio Republicans have been fighting with one another.”