Ohio GOP Desperately Trying To Distract From Dangerous Vote To Disempower Dr. Amy Acton

COLUMBUS — Just weeks after Ohio House Republicans voted to limit the ability of state Health Director Dr. Amy Acton to protect public health during the coronavirus outbreak, the Ohio Republican Party is desperately trying to distract from that disastrous vote with misleading ads targeting five women candidates.

“The Ohio GOP is lucky that Facebook allows false ads on their platform because they are blatantly misrepresenting the truth and trying to distract from the fact that Tom Brinkman, Haraz Ghanbari, Kris Jordan, Laura Lanese and D.J. Swearingen all voted to take authority away from Dr. Amy Acton,” said Ohio Democratic Party Communications Director Kirstin Alvanitakis. “This legislation that Brinkman, Ghanbari, Jordan, Lanese and Swearingen supported was so extreme that even the Republicans in the Ohio Senate refused to support it, and Mike DeWine pledged to veto it.

“Ohioans can trust that Sara Bitter, Laurel Johnson, Rachael Morocco, Nancy Day-Achauer and Alexis Miller support a responsible reopening for Ohio. They would never put health care decisions in the hands of politicians, unlike their Republican opponents.”