Ohio Dems Urge Voters to “Make It Count” By Voting Early, By Mail Or In Person

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party this week launched its “Make It Count” campaign with news conferences across the state, digital ads, robocalls and a new website — MakeItCountOhio.com — that will help Ohioans cast their ballots safely and securely in this fall’s election.

“As Donald Trump and his online minions ramp up the misinformation and attacks on voting, Ohio Democrats will be fighting back every step of the way, whether it’s through litigation or voter education,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “That’s why we’re launching our biggest, most robust early voting program ever with the Make It Count campaign. What’s our message to voters? This election is too important to wait until Election Day to take action. By requesting a vote-by-mail ballot now or making a plan to vote in person starting on Oct. 6, Ohioans will send a message that we will not be deterred from participating in this election.”

Anyone who wants information on voting early in Ohio, including requesting a vote-by-mail application, can visit MakeItCountOhio.com.

According to a report from late August, more than 400,000 Ohioans had already requested vote-by-mail ballots for the 2020 general election — “far more than would be expected in a typical presidential election.”

“We’re already seeing huge interest in voting by mail, which is great, but we want to make sure that voters know the facts and aren’t influenced by misinformation,” said Pepper. “Voting by mail is safe and secure, and we know that because it’s the option the president chooses to cast his own ballot.”

The state party is running digital ads to encourage voting by mail:

The party also sent a robocall to encourage voters to watch their mailboxes for the secretary of state’s vote-by-mail applications and return them as soon as possible.


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