Ohio Dems Statement on Trump’s Visit to Dayton

“The leaders and citizens of Dayton are unified and working hard to recover from Sunday’s horrific attack. Amid that hard work, Senator Sherrod Brown and Mayor Nan Whaley welcomed the president to Dayton, spoke respectfully about his visit, while civilly and honestly pointing out areas of disagreement and challenge.

“So the events that took place after the president’s departure were nothing short of appalling. First, he waged false attacks against both the senator and mayor after leaving — attacks that, even though decried as inaccurate by national and local media, were quickly amplified by the chairs of the national and state Republican parties.

“And then within hours, the White House released a campaign-style video which made it clear that the reason the entire visit was closed to the press was because this was more about a television shoot than a sincere visit to a grieving community.

“Ohio, our communities and our families are not props, Mr. President. This is not a TV show. To treat them as such, while unleashing orchestrated and false attacks against respected community leaders at the very moment they are working 24/7 to recover and heal, is despicable behavior.”