Ohio Dems Slam Trump’s Broken Promises To Latino Community

COLUMBUS — In response to Vice President Joe Biden releasing his agenda for the Latino community, the Ohio Democratic Party today released the following statement from Chairman David Pepper:

“While Joe Biden has a plan to lead, Donald Trump continues to break his promises to Latinos in Ohio and across the country. For three and a half years, his dangerous rhetoric and agenda have hurt Latino families at every turn. Now, more than six months after he promised that the virus was under control, his incompetent pandemic response is endangering Latino Ohioans’ health, lives and livelihoods. We can’t afford four more years of Trump’s chaos, and this November we’re putting it to an end.”


Promise: “I want every parent and child in this society, including so importantly every African American and Hispanic citizen, to be able to live in a safe, thriving and prosperous community.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Akron, Aug. 22, 2016]

Reality: After Trump wasted time ignoring his own advisors and downplaying the pandemic, COVID-19 now accounts for one out of every five deaths among Hispanics in the United States.

Reality: Even in the midst of a global pandemic, Trump and the Republican Party are attempting to overturn the Affordable Care Act, jeopardizing significant gains among Latino communities since the ACA was passed.

Reality: While corporations and billionaires rake in massive giveaways, Trump’s tax scam will end up disproportionately hiking taxes on Latino families.