Ohio Dems Slam Trump’s Broken Promises As Talking Heads Arrive In Ohio

One Week After Betsy DeVos Was Slammed For Her Virtual Visit to Ohio, White House Sends Two More Cabinet Secretaries to the Buckeye State

COLUMBUS — One week after Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was slammed as “callous and clueless,” the Trump administration is still desperately trying to change the narrative from their failed coronavirus response by sending Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler and Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette to the Buckeye State for photo ops this week.

“Fifty years after Richard Nixon proposed the creation of the EPA in the wake of the Cuyahoga River catching fire, Donald Trump’s budget cuts are hurting the Great Lakes,” said Ohio Democratic Party David Pepper. “Since Trump took office, Clean Water Act enforcement has plummeted, and polluters are getting the message that Trump’s EPA won’t hold them accountable. That’s why these EPA photo ops are so shameless.

“In addition, there’s little for the Trump administration to cheer on the jobs front. Last year was the worst year for jobs in a decade for Ohio — and that was before the coronavirus crisis hit and put millions of Americans out of work. Donald Trump’s policies are making things worse. Trump’s tax scam encourages corporations to outsource jobs, and his reckless trade war by tweet is hurting farmers, small businesses and consumers and causing manufacturing job losses.

“Time after time Donald Trump has broken his promises, and Ohioans are paying the price.”