Ohio Dems Request Records Related To Deleted Ohio AG Video That Ended Up In Yost Campaign Email

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party has filed a public records request for all correspondence, bids, contracts, payments, meeting minutes and other records regarding a now-deleted video produced by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office that ended up in a campaign email for AG Dave Yost.

“Ohio taxpayers deserve full transparency on what taxpayer resources were used to produce this video, how much it cost and what went into the decision to delete it after the use of the video in a campaign email for Dave Yost became public,” said Ohio Democratic Party Communications Director Kirstin Alvanitakis. “Dave Yost warned in the past that expending public money in support of partisan politics could violate state law. The AG’s office deleting the video less than one day after staunchly defending its use for political purposes certainly raises some questions. We look forward to his prompt cooperation and full transparency on the use of taxpayer resources.”

The Columbus Dispatch editorial board took issue with Yost on the matter Monday, saying, “Dave Yost should take his own advice on tax-funded promotion.”