Ohio Dems Launch “Fight The Purge” Voter Expansion Campaign

Go To FThePurge.com To Learn About Weekend Of Action On March 9-10

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party is kicking off its 2019 “Fight The Purge” voter expansion campaign with hundreds of grassroots activists across the state participating in a Weekend of Action on March 9-10, and volunteers are able join the campaign by signing up at FThePurge.com or texting PURGE to 909-75.

While all U.S. states periodically cleanse their voter rolls, only a handful, including Ohio, remove voters simply because they don’t vote on a regular basis. Millions of voters have been removed from Ohio’s voting rolls since 2010, many for infrequent voting. Communities that have a high proportion of lower income, young, and African-American residents have been hit the hardest, a Reuters analysis found.

The Ohio Democratic Party has set a major goal of its 2019 strategic plan to “Fight the Purge” by registering and re-empowering voters in communities across Ohio, and particularly in those hardest hit by the purging.

“For our initial Weekend of Action, volunteers will take part in dozens of phone banks to call tens of thousands of Ohioans who were purged from the rolls just this year under the aggressive process instituted by then-Secretary of State Jon Husted and continued by new Secretary of State Frank LaRose,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “This is just the beginning of a year-long campaign to expand the electorate and protect Ohioans’ right to vote. Ohio Democrats believe that our democracy works better when more people participate. Over the past eight years, Ohio Republicans have done one thing after another to make it harder to vote, but grassroots activists are fighting back. It’s time to fight the purge.”