Ohio Dems Launch Digital Ad Featuring Retired Ohio Firefighter and Anti-Senate Bill 5 Spokesperson Doug Stern

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party today released a new digital ad featuring Doug Stern, a retired Cincinnati firefighter and spokesperson for the campaign to repeal Senate Bill 5, touting the former Republican’s support for Joe Biden and his “pro-worker agenda.”

Video script:

“I’m Doug Stern, a retired Cincinnati firefighter and a proud member of the International Association of Fire Fighters. [In 2011] working people from across Ohio — Black and white, young and old, Republicans and Democrats — came together to stop an attack on workers’ rights. In fact, I was one of those Republicans. We all showed up for that fight against Senate Bill 5 and we won — and workers across the Buckeye State are better for it today. This year we must once again show up. We must stand together again for workers’ rights, for human rights and for our country by turning out to elect Joe Biden as the President of the United States. He has the most pro-worker agenda of any nominee in my lifetime, and as a proud union member, I’m happy to stand with Joe. Look, I get it, I was a Republican for most of my life, but Senate Bill 5 changed that. I hope this year you’ll join me as I vote for Joe Biden. Go to MakeItCountOhio.com right now and make your plan to vote.”