MEMO: Ohio Democrats “Strongly Positioned” To Pick Up Two Ohio Supreme Court Seats


Subject: Ohio Democrats “Strongly Positioned” To Pick Up Two Ohio Supreme Court Seats

Date: June 23, 2016

Ohio Democrats are “strongly positioned” in the races for two open seats on the Ohio Supreme Court this fall, according to a new poll by Lake Research Partners.

Judge John O’Donnell and Judge Cynthia Rice have been building momentum in their campaigns for the state’s highest court, earning the following key recommendations and endorsements:

Now the Lake Research Partners poll shows O’Donnell with a solid three-to-one lead over Pat Fischer and Rice “locked in a neck-in-neck contest” with Pat DeWine.







According to the pollster, “O’Donnell has a strong record with which to work as he raises his profile.”







At this point, the nascent race between Rice and DeWine is within the margin of error, and the pollster notes that Rice’s “competitiveness with DeWine at this early stage stems from the latter’s polarized image throughout the state.” In addition, “voters respond quite positively to Rice’s impressive prosecutorial record” and “have serious misgivings about the complete absence of similar experience for DeWine.”

Both Supreme Court races feature large numbers of undecided voters, which means that the Ohio Democrats’ advantage in field and voter contact efforts will be a tremendous asset to down-ballot races. Just this week reported that Democrats have three times as many staffers in Ohio, compared to Republicans.

The Ohio Democratic Party has been organizing on the ground since last fall, and they have more than 100 field staff organizing events, reaching out to constituency groups, recruiting volunteers and registering new voters. The party’s statewide network of volunteers have already completed nearly 10,000 volunteer shifts.

The strength of the Ohio Democratic Party’s field operation will play a critical role in turning out Democratic base voters during early vote and on Election Day and ensuring Ohio Democrats vote for the entire slate — including O’Donnell and Rice. In Franklin County in 2015, a strong Democratic ground game helped to sweep all three contested races for Municipal Court judge.

Click here to view the polling memo from Lake Research Partners.