Ohio Democrats Request Records From Inspector General Report On Bill Lager Company

Company Owned By ECOT Founder Received Millions From State Contract; Whistleblowers Faced ‘Significant Retaliation’

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party today requested all investigatory records from a long-delayed Inspector General’s report that found whistleblowers faced “significant retaliation” for criticizing the performance of IQ Innovations — a company owned by ECOT founder and GOP donor Bill Lager, whose political giving has already drawn scrutiny from the FBI.

“This company received millions of dollars from Ohio taxpayers while Bill Lager funneled campaign cash to Ohio Republicans including John Kasich, Mike DeWine, Jon Husted and Dave Yost. When whistleblowers cried foul on the work the company was doing, they faced ‘significant retaliation,’ according to the IG report,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “But somehow this report completely fails to mention Bill Lager or to examine the influence of his campaign donations. We aren’t going to ignore the GOP culture of corruption in Columbus that coddled Lager for years. That’s why we’re asking for any documents, interviews or other investigatory records from the IQ Innovations probe, so we can turn them over to federal investigators, who should do a more thorough review than the IG’s office was able to muster.”

The IG’s report — which doesn’t appear on their website — does not mention Lager at any point.

The Akron Beacon Journal editorial board called the IG’s report a “disappointment,” while the Toledo Blade’s Tom Troy noted it failed to “pursue the stench emanating from the intersection of contract awards and generous campaign contributions.”