Ohio Democratic Party Stands with Ohio Workers to Save Unemployment Benefits

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party today released the following statement in response to Republican fast-tracked legislation, House Bill 394, that would slash unemployment compensation.

“It’s disgraceful that two days before Thanksgiving, struggling Ohio workers are having to beg to stop attacks to their unemployment insurance,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Just like with Senate Bill 5, Republicans are once again attacking Ohio workers as they seek temporary relief to support their families.”

The bill places the solvency burden on unemployed Ohioans by calling for a reduction of compensation from 26 weeks to a minimum of 12 weeks depending on the unemployment rate–resulting in some of the lowest levels in the nation.

Chairman Pepper met with former Ormet workers today in Monroe County on the second day of the “Lifting Ohio” tour focused on lifting Ohio families out of poverty and stimulating economic recovery. The plant closed in late 2013 after Governor Kasich refused to take action to save more than 700 jobs.

“Unemployment insurance helps working families feed their children, stay in their homes and pay regular bills,” said Pepper. “It sustains communities such as Monroe County in tough times. These cuts would undermine all that.”