Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus Responds to Portman’s “Legitimate” Health Care Comments

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Democratic Women’s Caucus released the following statement from Chair Kathy DiCristofaro in response to Sen. Rob Portman’s comments on Planned Parenthood and “women’s health needs that are legitimate.”

“Senator Rob Portman’s comments on ‘legitimate’ health care are shameful, but they are part and parcel of what today’s Republican Party stands for. Portman and the GOP are a bunch of politicians who think they are qualified to make decisions for women on what is ‘legitimate’ or necessary health care. They want to take away funding for vital health care services to score political points with their extremist supporters. Meanwhile, the majority of Ohioans oppose taking away funding from Planned Parenthood. This is just the latest example of how Senator Portman wants to play Washington politics and do the bidding of special interests, rather than doing what’s best for Ohioans.”