Ohio Democratic Party Wins Lawsuit To Allow Counties To Have Multiple Secure Dropboxes

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party issued the following statements in response to Judge Richard Frye ruling in favor of allowing county boards of elections to install multiple secure dropboxes for the return of vote-by-mail ballots:

From Chairman David Pepper:

For the second time in less than a week, we are seeing another big victory for Ohio voters. We are pleased the court agreed with our argument that nothing in Ohio law prohibits the installation of multiple dropboxes in a county. The secretary of state’s directive banning multiple dropboxes is arbitrary and unreasonable, especially during a global pandemic when many more Ohioans want — and need — options for delivering their absentee ballots. It’s time for Frank LaRose to stop with the theatrics and stalling tactics and let county boards of elections make it more convenient for Ohioans to vote.

“In his opinion, Judge Frye wrote, ‘The Secretary has stated publicly he supports additional drop boxes if they are legal; and his lawyer represented on the record in the Northern District of Ohio that his client would abide by a state court ruling.’ The ball is in LaRose’s court now.”

From state Rep. Paula Hicks-Hudson:

“As we shared with the court, I heard directly from Secretary of State Frank LaRose that if there were a judicial order, he would allow county boards of elections to install secure dropboxes at additional locations. The court’s opinion today also notes that LaRose’s attorney said he would abide by a state court ruling. If LaRose appeals this decision, he is going back on his word to me and further dragging out a final decision on something that would help many more Ohioans vote and feel confident in their vote.”