Ohio Democratic Party Urges Democratic Voters in OH-2 to Reject Smith’s Bogus Candidacy

Over Six Years, Smith Has Made No Attempt to Campaign or Talk with Voters

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party is encouraging Democratic primary voters in the 2nd Congressional District to reject the candidacy of William Smith and instead cast their ballots for one of the two viable candidates who are running to take on Congressman Brad Wenstrup.

“The voters of Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District deserve a real choice this fall because Brad Wenstrup has refused to do a public town hall or coffee hour since January 2017, when he faced a packed room of citizens concerned about the GOP’s plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper.

“Unfortunately, voting for William Smith in the Democratic primary would ensure Wenstrup escapes accountability from his constituents for yet another term. Smith has run in the Democratic primary for three consecutive cycles, and with his generic ballot name — and perhaps an assist from an unregistered super PAC that made robocalls supporting him in 2012 — he has managed to sneak through two times. In two general elections over the past six years, Smith has made no attempt to campaign, raise funds or talk with voters. Because he does not take the responsibility of being a candidate seriously, he deprives the voters of a real choice.

“The Ohio Democratic Party has no procedure for a ‘non-endorsement,’ but we want the voters of the 2nd Congressional District to have important information before they cast their ballot in this critical primary election. We highly encourage 2nd District voters to cast their ballot for one of the two viable candidates on the ballot — Jill Schiller or Janet Everhard.”

The Ohio Democratic Party has not endorsed in the 2nd Congressional District primary. The Hamilton County Democratic Party endorsed Schiller.