Ohio Democratic Party Statement on So-Called “Right to Work” Legislation

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Democratic Party today released the following statement from Chairman David Pepper on Ohio Republican lawmakers’ plans to introduce so-called “right to work” legislation.

“The Koch brothers’ shady front group, Americans for Prosperity, came to Columbus last month, and it looks like Ohio Republicans got the message loud and clear. One month later, the Ohio GOP is doing the bidding of corporate special interests in introducing so-called ‘right to work’ legislation in our state.

“Ohio Democrats strongly oppose this attack on Ohio’s working families. Studies have shown that workers in ‘right to work’ states have lower wages. A new study by the Center for American Progress found that children born into union families have better outcomes. We should be working to lift wages and make it easier for workers to organize.

“Governor John Kasich has said ‘right to work’ legislation isn’t on his agenda. That’s the exact same thing Michigan’s governor said before he signed ‘right to work’ into law there. Kasich has attacked Ohio workers over and over again, with Senate Bill 5 and his executive orders taking away rights from child care workers and home health care workers. Now is the time for an unequivocal statement. When Kasich comes back from New Hampshire, he should publicly pledge that he will stand with Ohio’s working families and never sign so-called ‘right to work’ legislation.”