Ohio Democratic Party Statement on Kasich Comments on GOP Outreach to Latino Community

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party today released the following statement in response to comments made by Gov. John Kasich at a high-dollar GOP luncheon in California regarding Republican outreach to the Hispanic and Latino community.

“It is appalling that Governor Kasich would make such offensive comments about Hispanic and Latino voters — especially during a month dedicated to honoring their social, cultural and economic contributions to American culture,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “If this is the kind of voter outreach and engagement that the Republican Party is pushing out, then it is easy to see why they will never be the party of the future.”

“As a proud Latina, I revere and celebrate the diverse contributions of my people to American history and culture,” said Isabel Framer, advisory board chair of the Ohio Democratic Party Hispanic/Latino Caucus. “The Hispanic and Latino Americans who work in the hospitality industry work long hours, often for little pay, in pursuit of the American dream. However, Governor Kasich’s ridiculous comments ignore the Latinos and Latinas who work as teachers, lawyers, judges, doctors, scientists, engineers and more. Kasich might be surprised to learn that Ohio has nearly 10,000 Latino-owned businesses. Stereotypical comments like Kasich’s and the accompanying laughter from the donors and attendees confirm that Republican voter outreach to the Latino and Hispanic community is nothing more than a sham.”