Ohio Democratic Party Statement on Fair School Funding Plan

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party released the following statement from Chairman David Pepper on the Fair School Funding Plan that passed the Ohio House with broad bipartisan support yesterday:

“Ohio’s schoolchildren, their families and our communities have been waiting decades for legislators to do what the Ohio Constitution demands — provide high-quality public schools for every child, no matter what zip code they live in. At long last, the Ohio House has taken action and crafted a fair school funding plan that will do just that, and yesterday an overwhelming number of House members endorsed that plan. Kudos to state Rep. John Patterson for his many years of work on this important issue and stakeholder groups like the Ohio Education Association and Ohio Federation of Teachers for keeping up the fight for fair school funding.

“For the Ohio Senate’s Republican leaders to declare this bill dead on arrival is unconscionable. Whenever gun lobbyists or anti-abortion groups have a priority bill, their lapdogs in the Ohio General Assembly figure out how to move legislative mountains. Now that it’s Ohio kids who need help, GOP leaders in the state Senate can’t even bring up the bill for a vote. I urge those Senate Republicans who claim to care about public education to call on their leaders and demand a vote on this legislation before the end of session.”