Ohio Democratic Party Requests Records From Secretary Of State On Trump’s Voter Panel

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party has filed a public records request with Secretary of State Jon Husted’s office for any records or communications regarding the “Presidential Advisory Commission on Electoral Integrity,” which last month asked all 50 states for every registered voter’s personal information, including party affiliation, Social Security number and voting history.

“When the White House announced a commission on ‘electoral integrity,’ we’d hoped that the Trump administration was finally going to investigate Russian intervention in our elections and how to prevent interference in the future,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “Of course, that’s not what this commission is about — it’s about stroking Trump’s ego and justifying a new wave of Republican attacks on voting rights. Secretary of State Jon Husted has not fully explained the extent to which he will cooperate with this problematic and deeply flawed effort. His decision to cooperate in any way would be deeply problematic and would validate the commission’s mission. We need real transparency about Husted’s actions and motivations, and that’s why we filed a request for any public records related to this sham commission.”

The Ohio Democratic Party’s public records request to the Secretary of State’s office includes:

Any logs, correspondence, voice mails, call sheets, spreadsheets, files, notes, or other documents or records related to any requests or communications from the President’s Advisory Commission on Electoral Integrity, commonly known as the “Pence-Kobach Commission.”