Ohio Democratic Party Refers Potential Violations Of State Law Regarding The Delivery Of Vote-By-Mail Ballots

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Democratic Party today sent letters to the prosecuting attorneys in Athens, Cuyahoga, Franklin, Hamilton, Lucas, Montgomery and Summit counties with information regarding violations of Ohio statute that prohibit anyone from “knowingly hinder[ing] or delay[ing] the delivery of a lawful ballot to a person entitled to receive it.

It’s also a fourth-degree felony in Ohio to knowingly do any of the following:

“(5) Delay the delivery of any absent voter’s ballot with a view to preventing its arrival in time to be counted;

(6) Hinder or attempt to hinder the delivery or counting of such absent voter’s ballot;

(7) Fail to forward to the appropriate election official an absent voter’s ballot application entrusted to that person to so forward …”

From the letter from Chairman David Pepper:

“Your office has jurisdiction over all state felonies committed within your county. Recent media reports show that President Trump and his appointees may have acted unlawfully, and may be acting unlawfully now, in attempting to hinder Ohioans’ ability to vote by mailed absentee ballot.

“Trump’s statements leave no doubt about the intent of his efforts to cripple the U.S. Postal Service heading into the 2020 general election: He wants to prevent as many people as possible from voting by mail, in order to help his chances of re-election. He is specifically trying to disenfranchise Ohioans, including voters in your county, by delaying or hindering their efforts to receive and return an absentee ballot by mail. He and any of those involved with executing his plan to dismantle post office capacity in Ohio and elsewhere are clearly violating Ohio law that is designed to protect the rights of Ohioans to vote by absentee ballot.”