Ohio Democratic Party on Melania Trump’s Virtual Photo Op

COLUMBUS — Less than one week after Vice President Mike Pence tried to cover for his boss’s broken promises in northeast Ohio, First Lady Melania Trump and members of the Trump administration are holding a virtual photo op today with Gov. Mike DeWine.

Ohioans are rejecting Donald Trump’s three-and-a-half years of broken promises, and his campaign is scrambling to pick up the pieces,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. “But a photo op can’t spin the devastating reality of Trump’s failed pandemic response. We’re seeing a surge in coronavirus cases, and our unemployment rate is higher than the national average. In addition, the Buckeye State lost 12,500 jobs from January 2019 to January 2020 — long before the coronavirus crisis hit — making 2019 the worst year for jobs in Ohio since the Great Recession. Trump’s constant attacks on the Affordable Care Act have taken a toll on the Buckeye State, as Ohio was one of eight states that saw its uninsured rate jump in 2018. One group that has been particularly hard hit is Ohio kids — the number of uninsured kids increased by 28 percent from 2016 to 2018. That’s nearly 30,000 more uninsured children.

“Donald Trump has broken his promises on jobs and health care, and Ohio families are paying the price.”