Ohio Democratic Party Launches Video: “What Did Mike DeWine Know And When Did He Know It?”

COLUMBUS — As Ohio Republican lawmakers attempt to distract Ohioans from “the largest bribery case in Ohio history,” while refusing to repeal the legislation at its center, House Bill 6, the Ohio Democratic Party today released a new video highlighting all of the GOP connections to the growing scandal.

“Ohio Republicans want you to think the House Bill 6 scandal starts and ends with Larry Householder, but the web of connections to Republican officials, lobbyists and operatives continues to grow,” said Ohio Democratic Party Communications Director Kirstin Alvanitakis. “The bribery scandal has already resulted in five indictments, two guilty pleas, at least two GOP officeholders receiving subpoenas and multiple executives being fired. On top of that, Mike DeWine’s hand-picked appointee to lead the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio had his home raided by federal agents, but DeWine still praised him as having done ‘done very, very good work.’ DeWine received warnings about his appointee’s troubling history of carrying water for special interests, and he still moved forward with the appointment. Now Republicans at the Statehouse are stalling on legislation to repeal House Bill 6 by offering a fake repeal that merely kicks the can down the road for another year.

“The voters of Ohio deserve to know — what did Mike DeWine know about the House Bill 6 scandal and when did he know it? And why are Ohio Republicans continuing to protect the big utility corporations that were behind the House Bill 6 scheme?”