Ohio Democratic Party Launches Petition Calling on Portman to Support Emergency Funding for the Heroin Epidemic

Petition: Ohio Deserves Better Than Portman’s D.C. Double-Talk On Drug Abuse

 As the Senate is set to consider an anti-heroin bill, today the Ohio Democratic Party is launching a new online petition calling on Sen. Rob Portman to stop playing politics and putting the interests of Washington powerbrokers over Ohio when it comes to drug abuse.

Here is a link to the petition, followed by the text of the petition.



SEND A MESSAGE: Tell Sen. Portman to appropriately fund the heroin and opiate addiction epidemic.

Here’s an example of how Washington frustrates Ohio: insider politicians like Senator Rob Portman talk about challenges we’re facing like drug abuse, but then Senator Portman votes against funding to actually help solve the problem. Ohio deserves better than this kind of D.C. double-talk, especially when it comes to an issue as serious as the scourge of drug addiction.

The Senate is expected to vote on an anti-heroin bill, but Republicans like Portman are refusing to provide the funding we desperately need. It’s despicable: Portman is trying to score political points with this critical issue — but he won’t back up his empty words with a vote that will actually help stem the crisis.

We need to send Portman a message: stopping the scourge of drug abuse is too important for your typical D.C. political game. Stop playing politics with this issue, stop pushing the interests of the Washington power brokers at our expense, and support emergency funding to combat the heroin and opioid abuse epidemic.

This isn’t the first time Senator Portman has prioritized his D.C. politics over an actual solution to tackle the epidemic of drug abuse:

  • Portman touted an anti-heroin bill, but voted against its funding. The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote, “But he voted against the very bill that would pay for his proposed solutions…Portman aides confirmed to Cleveland.com that money for fighting heroin addiction would come from the $1.1 trillion spending bill Congress passed in December, a measure that Portman denounced as wasteful and likely to drive up deficits. This puts the Ohio Republican in an awkward position.”

  • Portman bragged about the drug abuse provisions of the last year’s budget bill, but then voted against those same provisions. The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote that Portman’s hypocrisy is “how Washington ticks off the rest of America.”

  • As George W. Bush’s Office of Management and Budget Director, Portman slashed drug abuse funding. In fact, a new report from the Akron Beacon Journal revealed that as OMB Director his budget proposed hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts to substance abuse programs.

Senator Portman always pushes the interests of the D.C. power brokers and wealthy special interests he serves at our expense. But when it comes to stopping drug abuse the stakes are too high. Sign the petition, and send a message to Portman today.